Almtrawler 1875 AD


Short list with specifications and description of the delivery in a basic version


The hull and superstructure is built entirely from grit-blasted steel ( Lloyds grade A ). The hull thickness is 5 mm, and the decks and superstructure 4 mm. There is a steel floor above the engine-room. There are the following watertight compartments: lazaret, engine-room, forward section, and anchor chain locker. The bottom is strengthened with frames every 40cm on the keelson. The skin is strengthened with long and latitudinal frames. Fuel tanks are integrated with the hull and fitted with baffles. Water and holding-tanks are made of stainless steel. Round the hull are bulwarks of a safe height with doors to port, starboard and in the stern with openings for water run off. The rudder and pintles are double sized and balanced.


Length over all: 18,54 m.
Max. width: 5,45 m.
Height: 3,90 m.
Displacement: ca. 52 ton.

“Hull and superstructure”

Keel (bottom-plate): 10 mm.
Keel (sides) and kim: 6mm.
Hull, bulwarks decks and superstructure: 5 mm.
Frames: 8 mm.
Long frames: 8 mm.
Floor carriers: L 40.4 mm.
Top of the bulwarks: . 1,5” pipe
Polished stainless steel railings 40 mm pipe, stainless steel bollards included.
Steel floor above the engine room, floor carriers in the forward section.
Engine beds for IVECO NEF 150
Shaft sockets.
Balanced rudders.
Integrated fuel tanks ca. 4000 L, 3 tanks ca. 2000L water, 1 tank 1000L black water – balanced use.
Entrance doors to the engine room trough the lazaret.
Steering position on the fly bridge.
Mast socket.

Technically complete consists of the following items

Complete installed engines, IVECO NEF 150, 150 HP/ 2800 rpm, with hydraulic reduction gearboxes type TM 170, reduction approx. 2,4:1
Intercooled with wet exhausts.
Wastewater tank about 1000L stainless steel
Two 3 bladed propellers with water lubricated stainless steel shafts
Battery-set 200 Ah 24 v. to start the engines.
Battery-set 400 Ah 24 v. for lightning and service.
Stainless steel water-tank 2000 L.
Double hydraulic steering with one teak steering wheel and one made of stainless steel.
All windows in insulated aluminium frames are made of tinted safety glass (double), with one opening window in the front.
1 escape hatch 600x600 mm.
10 portholes 475 x 255 mm. in the hull.
4 portholes 475 x 255 mm in superstructure


The layout can be set to customers requirements, but the standard consists of the items which are drawn in the plans.
Joinery: teak, cherry, mahogany ore ash wood.
Ceilings and bathrooms: Formica ore equal. Bathroom floors are provided with grit.
Joinery: insulation is provided between decks and joinery, skin and joinery and between bulkheads and joinery. Engine-room: When all equipment, piping and wiring is fitted, special sound insulating material will be attached to the steel ceiling and bulkheads.
Sofa’s: Polyether profiled cushions, thickness 12/14 cm.
Mattresses: Polyether for all beds, thickness 12 cm.
Curtains: All windows and outside doors have curtains.
Carpets: All floors have carpets except the bathrooms, lazaret and engine room.
Electrical installation:
Complete 24/220V installation with shore connection, switches, switch-panels and safety cupboards.
Full set of navigation lights.
Approx. 50 ceiling spots, 6 bed lamps, all 24 V.
Electric plugs 220v or 24v in all rooms.
4 bull-eyes in the engine room, 2 bull-eyes in the lazaret.
Air horn, bilge system with alarm, fresh water system with19 L pressure tank.
3 windscreen wipers (2 speed).

Sanitary and Galley fittings

2 sets of hand basins with mixing taps.
2 electrical toilets (water flash)
1 shower with a set of shower furniture.
Single stainless steel sink in Formica countertop with mixing tap
4 plate gas stove


Central heating system “Kabola HR 500 tap with towel dryers in the bathrooms (including a hot water system)
Electric holding-tank system outboard and to the harbour system.
Fire extinguishers conform CE
Electric anchor winch with chain 50 m. and Stainless Steel anchor 75 kg.
4 mooring lines, 6 tube fenders, 2 balloon fenders, nation flag.

Paint and preservation

The whole outside of the ship is painted with epoxy coating basic. The conservation and paintworks is two-components with an AwlGrip Paint system, in the colour of your choice.
Also the engine room has a 2 components, corrosion prevented system.
The inside of the hull and superstructure is painted with zinc-phosphate primer.
Joinery inside will have three layers of lacquer.

Extra items included in the basic version

1. Outside doors in teak or aluminium.
2. Battery-charger 75 A incl. shore-power connection Mastervolt - included
3. Insulation transformer incl. Softstart Mastervolt - included
4. Inverter 2500w/24/220v Mastervolt - included
5. Double glassed windows (tinted) with insulated aluminium frames - included
6. Refrigerator (basic model) - included
7. Electric bow and stern thrusters 220 KGF - included
8. Electric anchor winch, 50 m chain, anchor 40 kg - included

Almtrawler 17.25 AD, in basic version, is executed with 2 engines model “IVECO NEF 150”
with hydraulic coupling type TM 170A