Delfino 90

Beauty and brains

The largest model in the current DELFINO Trawler Yacht series is the rugged yet traditionally elegant DELFINO 90.
This 28m trawler has four decks, including a captain’s quarters with a private bathroom, a gym, a sun deck and sunbeds. The three other cabins, all equipped with private bathrooms and toilets, provide luxurious lodgings for up to six voyagers.
There are also crew’s quarters which accommodate four crewmen and include a galley kitchen, living area and bathroom facilities. In the event that the helmsman and his first mate are required to sail through the night, the wheel house is equipped with a sizeable sofa bed and bathroom and toilet facilities. Furthermore, passengers have access to three sun decks.


  • Total length: 27.9m
  • Deck length: 24.5m
  • Total width: 7.5m
  • Draught: 2.10m
  • Freeboard: 7.20m
  • Clearance (incl. mast): 10.5m
  • Water displacement: 130 tonnes
  • Material: steel/aluminium
  • Drinking water: 7.500 litres
  • Fuel: 25.000 litres
  • Black/Grey water: 2.500 litres
  • Engines: 2x NEF CC13/825 (as standard)
  • Bow thruster: hydraulic
  • Stern thruster: hydraulic
  • Stabilisers: optional
  • Classification: CE-A