Almtrawler 1530-1600 AD

Noblesse oblige

This extremely comfortable ship is built to a design by Brinksma Marine and has a double-cuff tympanum with a deep fore and a moderate V-shape in the stern. The long superstructure accommodates the wheelhouse and a large deck salon, as well as the flying bridge. Behind the superstructure is a deep cockpit with cockpit seats and access to the engine room, as with all 'Almtrawlers AD'. The plate thickness of the hull is 6 mm, the superstructure 4 mm. The hull is controlled by bulkheads and a steel floor above the engine room divided into watertight compartments. The entire ship is completed and finished in a high quality. Timber flooring is available in teak, mahogany or cherry. The interior is finished with rounded corners, decorative frames and curtains. Exterior doors in aluminum or solid wood. Also the deck lids are solid wood. We let the layout entirely up to you, just as you can choose which upholstery you prefer.


Overall length: 15.80 / 16.80 m
Width over everything: 4.85 m
Draft: 1.40 m
Air draft: 3.50 m
Headroom: 1.85 - 2 m
Weight approx .: 30 t

Fuel tank: 2x 1.320 l
Day fuel tank: 400 l
Water tank: 1,400 l
Holding tank: 455 l
Diesel Engine: 2x6 cylinder / 130 HP