Almkotter 1080 OK

Stylish classical

The 1080 is a typical spitsgatkotter. Ideally suited for shorter vacations. Easy to maneuver and comfortable enough to stay permanently. The hull shape is double-chute. Synonymous with excellent vase properties. Plate thickness of the hull is 5 mm. The entire ship is insulated with stone wool above the waterline. Woodwork standard in teak, but other types of wood are also possible. The layout is entirely to the wishes of our customers. Just as you can choose from a very extensive collection of upholstery, curtains and carpets.


Overall length: 10.80 m
Width about everything: 3.65 m
Draft: 1.05 m
Air draft: 2.50 m
Weight approx .: 12 t
Fuel tank ca .: 600 l
Water tank: 500 l
Holding tank: 250 l
Diesel Engine: 4 cylinder / 80 HP