Almclassic 1400

A channel ship plus

The 'Almclassic' is a beautiful stylish, classic-looking ship with round back to a design of 'Kornaat Design'. The ideal of the Alm channel ship is in the limited draft and vertical clearance. This makes it very easy to send these ships over the Dutch waterways. It is also great to roam the French canals. De Alm developed its channel ship into a class B ship. This makes it suitable for larger water as the Zeeland streams, IJsselmeer. The limited number of levels is also ideal, because the deckhouse is at gangway height. This makes a perfect layout with salon steering position and kitchen, followed by a spacious aft deck. And all this without stairs. Downstairs two sleeping cabins are created. But of course you are free to divide the ship according to your personal taste.


Length over everything: 14.00 m
Width about everything: 4.35 m
Draft: 1.30 m
Air draft: 2.95 m
Weight approx .: 24 t

Fuel tank approx .: 1,800 l
Water tank: 1,200 l
Holding tank: 550 l
Engine: 6 cylinder / 150 HP