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Service and Refit


Every ship if there are many or few hours of sailing will require maintenance.

Yachtbuilding "The Alm" can perform the complete maintenance of your ship. Whether it is to replace the filters or repairing pumps, in all areas "The Alm" can help.

For maintaining your teak deck or the paintwork, and for the treatment of the underwater hull at "The Alm" you are at the right address.



Do you have an older ship or are you considering to buy this?

Then your ship often needs a refit. Are the mechanical or electrical installation into compliance with the current requirements?

Shipbuilding "The Alm" has all the knowledge to do this for you. Even if the layout is not to your liking "The Alm" can do a lot for you. Carpenters and furniture makers with years of experience can assist you perfectly when changing or repairing your interior or for example the replacement of your teak deck or parts thereof. Installing a bow or stern thruster, a generator or place heating? With their years of experience, the people of "The Alm" know exactly how they can help you.



It can happen to any ship, damage off parts that need replacing.

Often repair is possible if not components should be replaced or updated . Shipbuilding "The Alm" has all the expertise to get your ship back in optimal condition. Whether the damage is to the steel or aluminum hull ,on the electrical or mechanical installation, the specialists of "The Alm" can help you in all areas. Also for damage to your teak deck, interior, doors or windows, the specialists of "The Alm" awaits you.


Winter storage

Jachtbouw "The Alm" has the ability to store boats both inside and outside.
To reserve a place in the winter storage, you can download a PDF form.

Click here

This form can be sent by mail or email to:

Shipbuilding "The Alm" Storage and Rentals
Steurgat 33
4251 NG Werkendam Nertherlands
Tel : 0031 (0)183-503196
Fax: 0031 (0) 183-505399
Email: info@alm-jachtbouw.nl

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