Schippersjacht 2150

Some of us are in the fortunate position that they still want and can sail a lot at an advanced age, or at least want to be on board a lot. With aging, however, the wishes change, previous important matters become less important. Wishes come true that we might not have thought of earlier.

We are sitting on our current yacht and we think about what would be handy on 'our' yacht in the coming years, but it often turns out to be things that are not so easy to adapt in our current ship.

In fact, the shape and appearance of 'our yacht' then becomes less important than the efficiency and ease of use. We came up with the 65-25-10 theory. About 65 percent of everything we do on average per day and what we use every day, must be super easy and convenient to reach and use. However, things we only use a few times per week come in the 25% category, and the sporadic uses - the 10% - may have a (often inconvenient) part to open.



Length22,00 meter
Beam4,95 meter
Draught1,45 meter
Water displacement75 ton
Fuel capacity5.000 liter
Water capacity3.200 liter
Holding capacity1.300 liter