Grand Voyager 62

Yacht construction The Alm has been commissioned for the construction of a new developed yacht of the model: Grand Voyager, this ship was designed by Werner Yachtdesign.

The "Delfino Grand Voyager 62" is a successful synthesis of a supermodern motoryacht and typically classic ship lines that still have got a well-deserved place in the design.

Development was based on the following principles: The yacht had to be suitable for rivers, as well as for sea for comfortable stay aboard with many different uses, and easy to sail with 2 people in all climates and under all weather conditions.This model has a length Lmax. of 19.10 meters at a width of Bmax. 5.42 meters. This ship gets a main engine off the brand "John Deere" and will be equipped with all modern systems for energy, equipment and navigation. The construction of this newly developed model has started recently.