Almtrawler 1450 AD, basic specification.


The hull and superstructure is built entirely from grit-blasted steel ( lloyds grade A ). The hull thickness is 5 mm, and the decks and superstructure 4 mm. There is a steel floor above the engine-room. There are the following watertight compartments: lazaret, engine-room, forward section, and anchor chain locker. The bottom is strengthened with frames every 50 cm on the keelson. The skin is strengthened with long and latitudinal frames. Fuel tanks are integrated with the hull and fitted with baffles. Water and holding-tanks are made of stainless steel. Round the hull are bulwarks of a safe height with doors to port, starboard and in the stern with openings for water run off. The rudder and pintles are double sized and balanced.



-  Length over all:                   14,40 m.

-  Max. width:                            4,90 m.

-  Height:                                       3,50 m.

-  Displacement:                   ca. 28  ton.