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Almkotter 1500 AK

What a ship!
The little brother of the 16.70 is ultra-seaworthy and longing for its maiden voyage! The fixed wheel house makes it ideal for longer voyages. Offers a great deal of highly attractive and comfortable sleeping and living space. The hull is constructed of 5mm steel sheet. 4mm steel sheet has been used for the superstructure. Naturally, the ship is delivered fully finished, and you can determine the layout, the soft furnishings, the wood used for the joinery (choose from teak, mahogany, cherry wood, ash). The complete installation of the machinery, engines & the electrics, and the two-component paintwork (in the colour of your choice) will be carried out to the very highest of standards.

Total length: 15.1m
Total width: 4.7m
Draught: 1.45m
Clearance: 3.9m
Weight (approx.): 33 tonnes
Fuel tank (approx.): 2,700 litres
Water tank: 1,000 litres
Holding tank: 600 litres
Engine: 6 cylinders/150hp



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