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Almkotter 1280 OK | AK

Elegant cruise ship
While you can call the 1220 a true family ship, the 1280, with its extra 35cm in width and 60cm in length, is even more comfortable. This elegantly designed canoe-stern cutter is a real head-turner. The hull plating is 5mm thick and the superstructure 4mm. The hull is divided into separate watertight compartments by means of partitions walls and a steel floor. The finishing is comprehensive and of high quality throughout the entirety of the ship, including insulation, joinery, machinery, soft furnishings, the kitchen, electrics etc. The exterior is stellated and painted using a two-component paint system. And the layout? The choice is yours!

Total length: 13m
Total width: 4.35m
Draught: 1.25m
Clearance: 2.75m
Weight (approx.): 21 tonnes

Fuel tank (approx.): 1,200 litres
Water tank: 700 litres
Holding tank: 300 litres
Engine: 6 cylinders/150hp



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