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Almkotter 1080 OK

Classic style
The 1080 is a typical canoe-stern cutter. It is extremely suitable for short holidays. Easily manoeuvrable and comfortable enough to live in permanently. The ship has a double-chine hull, ensuring optimal sailing performance. The hull plating is 5mm thick. The entirety of the ship above the waterline is insulated with mineral wool. The standard joinery is teak, but other types of wood are always possible. Layout can be designed in complete compliance with the client’s wishes. You can also choose from a broad range of soft furnishings, curtains and carpeting.

Total length: 10.8m
Total width: 3.65m
Draught: 1.05m
Clearance: 2.5m
Weight (approx.): 12 tonnes
Fuel tank (approx.): 600 litres
Water tank: 500 litres
Holding tank: 250 litres
Diesel engine: 4 cylinders/80hp



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