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Delfino 65

No waves too high…
This beautiful trawler yacht, with its elegant, traditional profile, is a real beauty to behold! The beauty and simplicity of this mini-Super Yacht, built as standard under CE-A classification, makes it the jewel of any marina. With two engine rooms, three/four extremely spacious cabins, three bathrooms, a visitors toilet, an office/library, a large living room with a rear deck, a galley kitchen and a very large wheel house, all as standard, this yacht is not only a work of art, but the very dream of many a sailor. In short, it is a real ship of ample size, which is easy to sail and as seaworthy as the sturdiest vessels around. The spacious and luxurious, yet still traditionally nautical-looking interior, that can be adjusted to precisely suit the specifications of the client, can make the dream of the eternal holiday a reality for anyone.

Total length: 21.55m
Deck length: 20m
Total width: 6.2m
Draught: 1.75m
Freeboard: 4.95m
Clearance (incl. mast): 7.6m

Water displacement: 80 tonnes
Material: steel

Drinking water: 3,600 litres
Fuel: 9,000 litres
Black/grey water: 1,000 litres

Engines: 2 x Perkins M-225
(as standard)

Bow thruster: electric, 220 kgf
Stern thruster: optional

Stabilisers: optional
Classification: CE-A



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