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Almtrawler 1530 | 1600

Nobility obliges
This hugely comfortable ship is constructed in accordance with a Brinksma Marine design and has a double-chine hull. The extensive superstructure provides space for the wheel house and a large deckhouse, not to mention the fly bridge. Behind the superstructure is a deep cockpit with chairs and the entrance to the engine room, as with all AD Alm trawlers. The hull plates are 6mm thick, the superstructure 4mm. The hull is divided into separate watertight compartments by means of partitions walls and a steel floor. The finishing is comprehensive and of high quality throughout the entirety of the ship. The joinery is available in teak, mahogany or cherry wood. Inside, the joinery is finished with rounded corners, decorative frames, curtain trim etc. Aluminium or solid wood outer doors. The deck box covers are also made of solid wood. The layout of the ship is entirely your choice, as is the choice of carpeting, fabrics and soft furnishings.

Total length: 15.8/16.8m
Total width: 4.85m
Draught: 1.4m
Clearance: 3.5m
Headroom: 1.85 - 2m
Weight (approx.): 30 tonnes

Fuel tank (approx.): 2 x 1,320 litres
Fuel, day tank: 400 litres
Water tank: 1,400 litres
Holding tank: 455 litres
Diesel engines: 2 x 6 cylinders/150hp



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