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Hull construction

From the completely new designed Almtrawler line Boatbuilder "The Alm" delivered the first ship with a length of 15.65 meters to the owner. On the yard is a full hull present from the same line with a length of 13.25 metres (see specifications under the tab: new ships) This hull is entirely in steel and prepared for installation of your choice. Motorization, Interior, electra and lacquer color will determined by the future owner. Minor changes to the hull are always negotiable. Because the hull has been completely finished, it is possible to provide a ready to sail ship in relatively short time. For more information or viewing days: make an appointment with the yard; We would be happy to discuss all the options with you.



Casco first Delfino 60 ready

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For sale: Almtrawler 1600 AD

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Grand Voyager 62

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