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Delfino 65 Pacific Princess

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Video impression PACIFIC PRINCESS

Technical Specifications Delfino 65
PACIFIC PRINCESS. [Demonstration Yacht]
Body.Build on frames, heavy construction of A-grade pre-blasted steel, fully welded.Steel thickness keel 12 mm, hull 8/6 mm, superstructure 4 mm, frames: 8 mm

Conservation, - isolation, - en paintjob

VANDENENDEN SUPERYACHT SYSTEEM,incorporated: Outside: steel blasted after building at rating SA 2,5 RhG and build-up with a full professional AWLGRIP system, (full specifications and worksheets available on request)Inside: hull fully covered with a 2-component primer, all frames are sealed, the upright walls of the engine rooms as well all other vertical plates are being sprayed with 10/12 mm TEROPHON mass isolation layer, the ship skin above the screws are covered with special sound-isolated plates.

Engines and support

IVECO main engines, type N60 ENT M40 – 296 kW Common rail diesels, met ZF-280-1 gearboxes with trolling valves type EB 30 and CV joined axles. Both engines have a hydraulic pump as well a extra 135 Amp charging current generator
AMARTECH EASY-STERN water lubricated screw shafts DN/65/4ax, met FASTER NiAi 4-blads screws 28”x21”- RH/LH –
AMARTECH RVS Duplex 4462 screw shafts
VETUS hydraulic fin- stabilizers.
SLEIPNER SIDEPOWER hydraulic Bow screw type SP300, proportional use and includes a StayToWall switch system.
SLEIPNER SIDEPOWER hydraulic Stern screw type SP300, proportional use and includes a StayToWall switch system.
SEPAR double fuel filter system, 3 traps system with indication on dashboard with [2x] SWK2000/5mk, [2x] SWK2000/10UMK, DEBUG type DIL 500 [3x] magnetic filters – status of filters readable on dashboard.
HALYARD RVS exhaust system with HMI silencers water locks integrated 6”x350mm LG Bellows, silencer DC 152/203 riser 4”nb 6” wet RVSFLOSCAN system on engines for permanent control of actual fuel use.

Engine rooms general

MERFORD sound isolation system.
VDE ventilation system with adjustable ventilators, separate in en out blowing met adjustment and switches to be managed from dashboard.
VDE Automatic fire alarm and systems in de engine rooms with status indicator on dashboard in wheelhouse
VDE Automatic lens pump system, with status indicator op dashboard en 2 central pumps as well 2 extra emergency pumps – separate working-in the both engine roomsCentral stand pipe in both engine rooms for all in-, and outgoing liquids. SB engine room has a full workbenchEngine rooms have their own radiators for the central heating.


KOHLER model 11EF02D – 12-kVa generators with silence packet.
VICTRON 12 KVA converters en VICTRON 300A load system met 4 x VICTRON MultiPlus 24/3000, VICTRON PowerMan 230/50/0, all for a shore power system, with a connection till 230V/ 32 ampere, adjustable and variable set in required range
VICTRON 12 x Gel Tubular Plate L batteries each for 2 volt/1500Amp.
TICINO switch material, dimmers and sockets

Heating and air conditioning

KABOLA B035 tap, 230V- CV en Boiler combo, with extraNIBE CV accumulator for 200 liters and the heating system has (invisible) radiators throughout the whole ship.
DANFOSS CV computer and switch system with in each cabin/room his own thermostat, (Thus no thermostat cranes!)
MARVAIR AIRCO systems in the three cabins


PASSERELLE model Ibiza-2, gangway on the aft, electric/hydraulic. RHIGO aluminum covered, thermo glass, ships windows. TEAKDECKS, gangways and decks.
MAHONY massive wooden lid all around on top of the bulwarks’.
ROPE PORTS two sided, made from RVS with rope clamps on the inside.
LOCKABLE aft deck by in the ceiling covered sails. BIMINI sun covers on Fly BridgeSAIL for covering the whole Fly Bridge sit-, and captain’s area.
ANCHORS, type DeltaTITAN, model TT13HM-twin, hydraulics anchor management system and links 13mm, with hydraulic power rope head.
BAILEY thru-deck-RVS inletsE-MARINE alarm (installation) and full signal system via internet and/or SMSZODIAC tender, type PROJET drive 85 hp.
OPACMARE boat crane for tender 400 kg fully electrical /hydraulic manageable.
PLASTIMO 8 persons safety package

Technical Equipment Wheelhouse

RAYMARINE G- system, 2 x screens 17-inch included and extra third screen at FB.
RAYMARINE (wireless) keyboard for G-system
RAYMARINE rudder indicator
RAYMARINE ST 8002 autopilot
RAYMARINE depth meterRAYMARINE speedometer
RAYMARINE wind direction and wind speedometerRAYMARINE Follow-up tiller GLENDINNING electric engine handling with trolling valves
SIMRAD RS 86 Ships radio only listening
SIMRAD RS 86 Ships radio
FLIR infrared night camera on 17 inch screen
FLOSCAN readable permanent and total consumption gasoil KOHLER generator panel and status readingsWIPER unit digital adjustment for wipers TANK meter, readable status for the 7 tanks
VICTRON MultiPlus DC and AC read and adjustment panelVDE panel for reading status bilge (7 positions), emergency pumps (2) VDE indication panel for ventilation, engine room and fuel filters.
DANFOSS proportional adjustment-sticks for bow-, and stern screwStayToWall switch system for bow-, en stern screw
SEARCHLIGHT – panel.Fly Bridge
RAYMARINE G- system, 1 x screen 15-inch
RAYMARINE (wireless) keyboard for G-system
RAYMARINE ST 8002 autopilot
RAYMARINE rudder indicator
RAYMARINE multifunctional meter
SIMRAD RS 86 ships radio
GLENDINNING electric engine handling with trolling valves
DANFOSS proportional adjustment-sticks for bow-, and stern screwStayToWall switch system for bow-, and stern screw
MastFLIR infrared night camera
RAYMARINE digital radar
RAYMARINE Satellite AntennaKVH Tracphone, Satellite telephone & Internet
RAYMARINE CAM 100 camera (2) to front and to aft.
RAYMARINE CAM 100 camera [2] for side view BB en SBDIGITENNE digital TV receivers
KAHLENBERG 3- tone air ships horn with own compressor

Internet and GSM

SIEMENS GSM central phone-unit with 6 Siemens [wireless] phones, fax connection.
KVH Satellite telephone, when GSM is out of range
UMTS tales care for the Internet connection o r [if needed] the KVH Tracphone support that s well,
APPLE 17-inch Internet communication board computer
HP 6564 Printer, Fax, Scanner


SIEMENS type 14-16, washing machine 7 kg
SIEMENS type 44-17, drying machine 7 kg

Television & Entertainment

PANASONIC LCD wide screen television [3 units]
SAMSUNG LCD [1 unit]
BOSE 3-2-1 GS DVD Home entertainment system with GEMSTONE loudspeakers and


BORETTI type VFNR93RB 5-pits cooking equipment met Fry Top
ATAG conventional oven, type OX3092CATAG magnetron/combination oven, type MX4192A,
ETNA type HT11426 refrigerator
ETNA type H 11526 refrigerator
AEG type F65080V dishwasherITHO type D-888 galley extractor
LIEBHERR type GIP1923 freezer



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